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Property Management


As the occupier of the property, you should expect that all of the plant and equipment servicing the property is serviced and compliant at your commencement of the lease. All lighting should work, roller doors should operate in their proper manner, any heating and cooling systems should be serviced, the garden should be neat & tidy and maintained, and the property’s appearance should be in good condition.

As the occupier of the property for the duration of the term, you have specific obligations to maintain the property and its plant and equipment. You must, unless otherwise advised, ensure that the air conditioning, roller doors, electric gates, essential safety measures, triple interceptors, and/or cranes are serviced regularly by suitably qualified contractors. The gardens need to be regularly maintained and controlled, while also ensuring that driveways are free of debris, gutters & downpipes are cleaned every 3-6 months, and the general condition of the property is maintained. Failure to maintain these elements is considered a breach of your lease obligations. In some cases, the Owner of the property will have existing service agreements in place for these elements so you will only be responsible for the ongoing maintenance agreement costs.

Maintenance Requests

Cameron Property Management can only action maintenance requests which are in writing. The reason it must be in writing is so that the request is digitally documented for the sake of all parties concerned. Upon receipt of the written request, your Property Manager will engage one of our approved Contractors to visit the site and resolve the issue. If the maintenance issue is small, the contractor is encouraged to resolve the matter while on site. If the works exceed the Owners approved maintenance expense, a quote or two may be required before the works can be actioned.

The most common maintenance issue is roof leaks. This can occur as a result of blocked downpipes and gutters, old skylights that are past their usable life and are cracked and perished, or, as is more often the case, inadequate drainage for the type of rain we get these days. Please be aware that if it is raining, our contractors cannot access the roof of the property due to OHS reasons. In that event we will endeavour to have someone at your property at the first opportunity.