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Property Management

Rental Payments

We expect that you will promptly pay your monthly rental payment on time and in full each month. Similarly, the outgoings applicable to the property will be invoiced and require prompt payment. If you fail to meet your payment obligations, our office will make contact with you to remind you. If you are having financial difficulties, speak to your Property Manager as most Owners will consider your situation on its merits and may be able to offer payment terms.

If you fail to make your required payments and don’t communicate with our office, you will be issued with a Notice of Default. Under the terms of the lease, if you are served with a Notice of Default you will have 14 days to remedy the default or the Owner (or Agent on the Owner’s behalf) may re-enter your property and terminate the lease. This is not our preferred option, hence we urge you to discuss any financial issues.

Cameron Property Management with banking partner Macquarie Bank Limited offer a range of payment options for our tenants to make it easier for you to meet your lease obligations towards recurring payments.

We recommend BPAY as the preferred payment option as it is specifically linked to your tenancy using a unique numerical code, which ensures accurate receipt of your payment.

Pay Online

Simply log on to www.deft.com.au, enter your DEFT Reference Number and make your payment. A surcharge for credit card payments does apply. If you are unsure of your DEFT Reference number, contact our office and we will assist you.